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Christmas Club 

The Christmas Club in NOW LIVE!!!

Why not do some early Christmas shopping with adding all your favourite products to the Christmas Club. Any item can be left over with a 30% deposit. This includes all sets, products & any of the Cloud Nine Range.

All items must be paid for in full before the collection date. They can be paid off in installments until Thursday 22nd December & must be collected Friday 23rd .

(you can pay them off whenever suits you best for as little or much as you like. Example as little as a £1 to £10 at a time. ) All items MUST be collected from the salon before Saturday 23rd & will have to be paid fully before collection. 

How does it work:

Put your name on a item for the Christmas club please continue with your order, and use the discount code "CHRISTMASCLUB".

This will allow a discount for 70% so you can pay your deposit online. You MUST enter a valid contact number and address on the form for the order to be processed or it will be declined. To pay off the rest of your order at a later date send me a message or call into the salon. 

Payments can be made through PayPal/bank transfer or cash between ordering and collection.

No items will be secure without deposit!!

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